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Jane Lewis began her music career as a backup/harmony singer, and has now moved to centre stage with her solo album, Stay With Me. The new CD, a follow-up to her well received 4-song debut EP, is an eclectic folk/pop hybrid that features 10 original songs and 2 classic covers.

She has often been compared to Carole King, playing piano-based music that draws on her strength as a lyricist and singer. Musically, Lewis covers a wide ground, from singer-songwriter ballads to groove-based songs with 60s classic pop flavour. Her writing has been described as "intelligent, poetic, cinematic, and passionate." She also co-wrote several songs with her producer Sam Turton and credits him for bringing a greater variety of sound and style to her work. "Writing together means that we keep pushing each other to take every song to the next level. I think we end up with better songs than we would if we were working alone."

Based in Guelph, Ontario, she performs as a solo artist and with Gathering Sparks, a group nominated for Vocal Group of the Year at the 2014 Canadian Folk Music Awards. She still claims "singing harmony" as one of her favourite things to do. When not on stage, she can be found leading vocal workshops (including "how to sing harmony"), singing backup vocals for other artists, or running Women's Music Weekend retreats.

A published author and editor, Lewis shifted careers to pursue music full time in 2009. "My career evolution has been pretty organic," she says, "but I've always been drawn to the creative side of things. It can make life unpredictable, but that's just part of the adventure."